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Every year, CPAL (Centro Peruano de Audición Lenguaje y Aprendizaje) a non profit institution in Lima Perú, organize events and campaigns to highlight the importance to debunk myths about stuttering, to educate people about this complex disorder and to work toward the prevention of stuttering in children.

We have three projects to share with the community in Peru this year. The online Stuttering Conference organized by 27 speech-language pathologists, a workshop to schools and an International online event. The three projects are totally free.

The online Conference will be in October 27 “Expresa el cambio que deseas ver” and we ask people to share their experiences with stuttering and how they have overcome the hurdles.

The workshop by qualified speech and language therapists (SLTs) will discuss the role of the teacher in changing  perceptions and understanding of stuttering. The workshops will be in 10 different schools from October 18 to 22.

The international event will be in October 30 and Luciana Contessini (SLT) from Brazil, will share Tips for teachers to deal with students who stutter and Kristin Chmela from USA will talk about Mindfulness and Stuttering.

We will share the projects in our main website and social media.


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