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Philippine Stuttering Association Celebrates Resilience for Stuttering Awareness Day 2020

Stuttering can be challenging, and People Who Stutter (PWS) have stories about how it affects them on a deeply personal level. While hearing the challenges of PWS makes them feel understood and less alone, this year’s International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) in the Philippines will focus more on coping and bouncing back. 

MANILA, Philippines, August 8, 2020 – To celebrate International Stuttering Awareness Day in the Philippines, the Philippine Stuttering Association will host a live Zoom Conference entitled “SaliTatag: Bravely Overcoming the Challenges of Stuttering Together” on the 24th of October, 2020.  

This year, the association is celebrating solutions by discussing the creative strategies people who stutter employ to achieve fluency. PSA is also acknowledging Speech and Language Professionals by understanding their hurdles and how they help their clients become more resilient. 

SaliTatag” is a portmanteau of three Tagalog words, ‘Sali’ (join), ‘Salita’ (words), ‘Tatag’ (endurance, solidity).   

In light of the recent pandemic with quarantine policies strictly employed around the world, loneliness has become a more profound feeling. The need for PWS to band together has never been more important – especially for stutterers who are more vulnerable to feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and emotional distress. 

By joining together PWS and sharing their personal journey of coping with words, the aim is to better endure challenges and stay resilient. This year’s ISAD aims to bring together Filipinos who stutter from across the nation, with discussions hosted by PWS, Filipinos who stutter who have made waves on the local level, and speech-language professionals. 

This year’s local theme was derived from the International Stuttering Associations 2020 ISAD theme: “Journey of Words – Resilience and Bouncing Back”. 

How will the Philippines celebrate International Stuttering Awareness Day?

The main event will be celebrated on the 24th of October through a Zoom Conference. Speakers for the main event include PWS/Congresswoman Sarah Elago, Vice President of the Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists Jay Katalbas, and PWS/2015 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking Mohammed Qahtani.

Everyone is invited to participate in the Zoom Conference by signing up on the ISAD registration link to be posted on the Philippine Stuttering Association Facebook Page

Members of the Philippine Stuttering Association will also hold Facebook live-streaming sessions on all Saturdays of October 2020 leading up to the event. Discussions will encourage conversations with online participants – anyone can ask questions and pitch in through the comments section. Livestreams will be posted on the Philippine Stuttering Association Facebook Page. 

What is International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD)? 

ISAD, held every 22nd of October, was launched in 1998 to support the 70 million people who stutter worldwide. Various stuttering associations around the world hold conferences and educational activities on this day to raise public awareness and discuss developments in the field of speech pathology. 

What is the Philippine Stuttering Association (PSA)?

The Philippine Stuttering Association, founded by now Philippine Congresswoman Sarah Elago, aims to bring together people who stutter in the Philippines, their families, spouses, teachers, friends, and speech-language pathologists on the journey to promote stuttering awareness. By doing so, the association aims to become a support group for stutterers in the Philippines. 

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