News from Poland – ISAD 2020

An online webinar will be held on Friday October 23rd via the Zoom platform. The aim of this event is to achieve a better understanding of stuttering and to continue changing social attitudes towards it. The meeting is addressed to everyone interested in stuttering, but mainly to people who stutter as well as their families and other individuals in their social environments. 

In accordance with this year’s theme: Journey of words: resilience and bouncing back, the event will focus on sharing the experiences of individuals who stutter and building an environmental support chain for children who stutter and their families. Children and teenagers will also be able to participate in an online quiz to learn about famous people who stutter. Members of the University of Silesia Logopedics Students Scientific Association will share their experiences of implementing the InterACT program (Interact – the Attitude Change and Tolerance Program, by M. Weidner) among Polish preschoolers and primary school students. 

The last part of the seminar will be a panel discussion with the participation of fluency specialists (among them an SLP who herself is a person who stutters). They will share their thoughts on and experiences with stuttering. This event will be an opportunity to exchange ideas on how to effectively support persons who stutter and how to empower them through building a supportive environment.


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  1. An new & exciting conversation has started about how to lead stuttering support groups BEST, called the World Stuttering Network. Stuttering support group leaders from around the world are join. Please extend an invitation to your group leaders. You’ll find us on FaceBook. Thank you.


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