News from Spain – La Fundación Española de la Tartamudez

Alexandre, from the Spanish Stuttering Foundation, takes a moment to tell us about the support and resources available in Spain for people who stutter.

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News from Spain – La Fundación Española de la Tartamudez — 2 Comments

  1. While I am aware of many different organizations, support groups, and further resources for stuttering in the United States, I think it is awesome that other countries have similar resources for those in need. There seems to be a good sense of community over in Spain and support so that many individuals who stutter feel that they are not alone. I like your comment to look for happiness and self acceptance, as that is the main goal for those who stutter.

  2. Hi Alexandre,

    Thanks for sharing about La Fundación Española de la Tartamudez and all you guys are doing for people who stutter (PWS), their families as well as the speech pathologists working with them. Also, thanks for reiterating that we should strive for happiness and self-acceptance, and not for fluency. Please continue Speaking Your Mind y ¡No Te Calles!

    As a future bilingual (English/Spanish) speech clinician, I am always interested in finding out more about the possible connections between speaking a second language and the presence of a communication disorder, including stuttering. I’d like to know about your experience… Do you notice any differences in your stuttering when you converse in English? Has this changed as you have become more and more fluent in the second language?

    Grad student SLP