News from Sweden ISAD 2020

The pandemic has put things on hold within the Swedish Stuttering Association. The SSA couldn’t host the annual children camps nor youth camps, local activities are low and it even had to reschedule the International Nordic seminar.

But the SSA regrouped and is now planning for some exiting events and projects. The Nordic seminar will be the first weekend in November 2021, local and national activities are now through video conferencing, they are having zoom chats with different themes and now have time to plan for next year.

On October 22, the ISAD, activities start with a zoom chat over a Swedish “fika” 😉 and later in the afternoon the SSA proudly shows the award-winning documentary When I Stutter, with director John Gomez to answer all our curious questions. This event is open to all, so don’t miss to get your free ticket!  On the 24th one of the local chapters has invited two major speech and language therapists for a one-day webinar.


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