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The National Stuttering Association (NSA) of the USA is the country’s leading advocacy organization for people who stutter and family members, educators, supporters and employers.

The backbone of the National Stuttering Association is our large network of in-person support group meetings for people who stutter of all ages and anyone interested in learning about stuttering and supporting those who stutter. There is no better support for a person who stutters than to have the opportunity to meet with other stutterers face to face and know that they are not alone.

The NSA has done tremendous work for 40 years by providing that support to PWS and the people in their lives. The NSA understands the need to be  responsive to the changing needs of the stuttering community. To that end, the NSA launched a major initiative in 2019 dedicated to helping people who stutter increase their success in the workplace. We Stutter @ Work was launched on January 30, 2019 and since that time we have been the leader in providing stuttering resources and education to people striving for, and thriving on, success in the workplace 

We Stutter @ Work offers mock interviews, free stuttering in the workplace webinars, and employer education. The NSA is asking employers to invite stuttering to the table in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

During ISAD week, on October 25, 2019, the NSA is collaborating with a major global presence, PayPal to raise awareness and educate employers about what PWS can and do contribute to workplaces. This full day conference will be held in the Bay Area of California, USA.

It’s a first for the NSA but certainly will not be the last.


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  1. That is really exciting about what you plan to do this year for ISAD! I am an SLP graduate student, and I think that the We Stutter @ Work program offers such wonderful opportunities for PWS. Going to an interview is already such a nerve-racking experience for typical speakers and I think that it is wonderful that you offer mock interview opportunities as well as webinars and employer education to help PWS succeed in their future careers.

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