News from World Stuttering Network – ISAD 2020

The purpose of the World Stuttering Network (WSN) is to bring the stuttering support group leaders of the world together.  Put our brains together and figure out how to lead our groups best.  Sharing what works. 

We aren’t affiliated with any stuttering support organization, yet we support all.  TOGETHER, we’ll get more done.  

No donations needed or accepted.  We don’t need money.  Only time & effort from those who want to make it better for People Who Stutter.  

There aren’t any WSN support groups.  Everyone stays as they are.  If you are a STAMMA support group leader, you stay a STAMMA support group leader.  No competition.  One wins, we all win. 

If you want to create a network of support groups in your country or organization, we’re here to help.  You’ll find ideas on how to make your organization or support group thrive & expand.  We will make the most of your volunteered time, share discussion topics with big impact, and streamline the process for getting your groups started!

How would I describe the WSN?  Together.  Global.  Unified.

To find us, search “World Stuttering Network” on FaceBook, or leave a message here.

If you help People Who Stutter, we help you.  The WSN.  Better Together!


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