Overcoming Other People

Hi, my name is Chloe Chappell and I am a student studying SLP at The University of Akron. The reason I chose this major is to be able to help OTHER people (“normal” people) realize that having a disability does not make one a bad person, and that being different is what makes this world such a lovely place. After reading many posts, I see bullying is a very common issue. With this I ask, How would your life be different had other people treated you better? Do you feel you would be farther ahead? What things have you had to adjust within yourself to “please” other people?  Do you regret it? (if applicable) Finally,  How can I start to shift the opinions of others? 

Thanks for your time and moving testimonies. Chloe

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  1. Hi Chloe.

    Thank you for your great questions and your willingness to help. So let’s start with your post.

    We all are normal. Some of us are fluent, others are not. When you use “normal”, the opposite or “not normal”. Using the word “bad” people can also be misinterpreted in combination with people with disabilities. But yes, it’s the variety of colors of the rainbow that makes people smile, and starts fashion. 😉 And “pleasing” people is something many of us, not even PWS, need to stop with, as we might loose ourselves.

    Yes bullying is a huge issue, both amongst children and adults and some people (because of the media?) still think it’s ok to make fun of PWS. Yes, if people would have treated me better, I would have felt better. Do read my paper is you have time. (https://isad.isastutter.org/isad-2020/papers-presented-by/stories-and-experiences-with-stuttering-by-pws/there-are-no-failures-just-life-lessons-anita-blom/)

    Your questions show what an amazing SLP you’re going to be. Which is important to us, as YOU can help shifting the opinions of others by learning as much about stuttering yourself, educating others, spreading information and learn from PWS, and not just from the book.

    Stay safe and keep asking questions 🙂


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