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Hello! We are speech-language pathology masters students at the University of South Carolina and we were wondering if you have developed any pet peeves in regards to other people’s reactions to your stutter, maybe your own reactions, or anything in general when you stutter?  We have heard a lot about emotions and feelings in regards to stuttering, but we have not had many examples of potential pet peeves and things that may bother you in your everyday life. Thank you for your time and response!

-Liz D. and Aleah D.


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  1. Hi Liz and Aleah

    What a great question! 🙂 My biggest trigger is when people interrupt or fill in my words. That brings out the devil in me and I will make you understand how rude that is, by simply keep on talking, or immediately stop talking and give you the stink eye. 🙂 It’s my words, not yours.

    When people tell me to take a deep breath, to not be afraid, or tell me about that great therapy that cures me in a weekend, I just raise my shoulders and decide whether it’s worse replying or simply ignore. One person told me to try to leave out the first letter of every word, to not get stuck on the first letter. Right.
    *o * *on’t *tutter **is *ay, *ut *eople **ink *’m *tupid *instead?? 😉

    But the biggest trigger is when people (incl SLPs) want me to get rid of my stutter. That’s totally up to me.

    Stay safe and keep asking great questions

    Anita Blom

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