ISAD 2017 in Poland!

An open seminar “A world that understands stuttering – the experts have a voice” will be held in the Scientific Information Center and the Academy Library (CINiBA) in Katowice on Thursday October 19th. The aim of this event is to achieve a better understanding of stuttering and to continue changing social attitudes towards it. The seminar is addressed not only to people who stutter but to everyone interested in stuttering, especially to teachers and parents of stuttering children. The seminar is an opportunity to exchange ideas on how to effectively support a pupil who stutters and, as a bonus, how to improve communication in his school environment. Benny Ravid from Israel will be the special guest of this event. Alongside Dr. Katarzyna Węsierska from the University of Silesia, a number of stuttering professionals in the field of speech therapy and representatives of the self-help movement will be present at this event to share their knowledge and experiences.

What is more, between 19th and 22nd of October a jubilee Nationwide Meeting Of People Who Stutter “Life with stuttering. The 30-year-old of S Clubs – self-help movement of people who stutter in Poland” will be held in Kraków. Numerous events have been organized for this occasion, such as workshops (including one led by Benny Ravid), a discussion forum and a ball for the participants of the convention. An integral part of the convention will be the conference „Living with stuttering. Stuttering as a multidimensional disorder” during which various specialists – speech therapists, researchers, practitioners and leaders of the self-help movement in Poland will present.

Events related to ISAD 2017 in Poland will be accompanied by the promotion of new publications in field of stuttering: „Life with stuttering. An integral guide to stuttering” (a collection of articles written by people who stutter) and „My child stutters. What can I do? A guide for parents and caregivers of children who stutter” by Peter Schneider, which has already appeared in the original German version (2013) and in an English translation (2017).

ISAD 2017 in Poland promises to be very interesting – welcome!


Izabela Michta, activist in self-help groups for stutterers in Silesia
Benny Ravid, Honorary President of AMBI (Israel Stuttering Association)

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About Benny

Benny Ravid Founded of AMBI, Israel Stuttering Association and served as AMBI chair in the years 1999-2015. Was ISA - International Stuttering Association chair between the years 2007-2010. Benny is Honorary president of AMBI. Coordinates projects such as stuttering support, empowerment, public speaking and other groups.

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