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Hi! my name is Destiny Shavers and my question is Are there certain words or syllables that people who stutter always fumble on? 

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  1. Hi Destiny! Everyone stutters in their own way, so there aren’t specific words or syllables people who stutter always stutter on. I usually get caught on vowels, but some days I can stutter on every word and some days I don’t stutter at all. It depends on the day and what situation I’m in.

    Thank you for your question.

    – Andrea

  2. As it’s hard to exchange your name, many PWS have a hard time with the first letter of one’s name, as that’s emotionally loaded. Also p-t-k are kinda usual, as you press you lips to get them out. For me it’s vowels and the letter h. Which makes it hard to say Hi I’m Anita. 😉

    Stay safe and keep them talking


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