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Hi! my name is Destiny Shavers and my question is for a person who stutters, can they watch another person who stutters and end up developing their speech pattern and blocks also?

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Question about stuttering — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Destiny,
    At first I thought this may be a question that is best answered by a PWS since it is directed at them. However, I realize that it is really more a research/informational based question so I will respond to it, even though I am not a person who stutters. Stuttering is not caused from tickling a baby’s feet, “catching it” from another person who stutters or from overbearing mothers. These are just some of the many misconceptions about stuttering and the Stuttering Foundation of American does a nice job on their “Myths About Stuttering” brochure that you can access through their website. Check it out!
    thanks for your question,

  2. This is a great question! My brother is a person who stutters and I will answer it actually from his point of view to say, that he does feel like when he is around his friends who stutter that he does stutter more when he is around them. Not everyone who stutter says this, however.. Remember that stuttering is an individualized experience. Some individuals will tell you that they don’t stutter more around people who stutter and some will. There are learning theories that you will learn in your textbooks for a reason- stuttering can be learned in theory, but there is no exact known cause for stuttering, just contributing factors at this time. I hope that this helps to answer your question, and take care.

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