Question for Kevin Eldridge

In accordance with the moderators’ clarification in the Skype/telepractice thread, I am posting a question for Kevin Eldridge outside that thread:

Do you attempt to bring the teachers of your young telepractice clients onside with what you are trying to achieve in therapy? Has there ever been independent third-party assessment over time of your therapy including that done by telepractice and more traditional methods?

— Ed Feuer

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Question for Kevin Eldridge — 2 Comments

  1. Ed,
    I don’t feel that this area of the ISAD was designed for individuals to ask questions of particular individuals. For this reason, I have not answered your query.
    Kevin Eldridge

    • Kevin,

      ISAD listed you as one of the individual experts in the Ask an Expert section. You chose to comment on my question to Gunars Neiders on telepractice. I then asked you a question as one of the listed individual experts based on your comment.

      But a non-answer can also be an answer.

      Ed Feuer