Questions about Stuttering — 1 Comment

  1. Good questions! So, stuttering does not have one known direct cause, and one direct known “cure.” With that being said, however, genetics can be a causal factor to stuttering. Research has shown that stuttering surely can run in families. My brother stutters, but I do not stutter and my children do not stutter. My best friend stutters, and his son does too.
    regarding your second question, yes speech therapy for stuttering absolutely can improve and I will venture to say an individual’s stuttering experience whether it be a child or an adult (therapy is very different for children than for adults.) Therapy looks differently whether the goal of the person who stutters is communication confidence, to practice fluency/stuttering strategies, etc, however, therapy can surely be helpful and be a positive experience. I always suggest to find a specialist in the area of stuttering, or therapist that has at least had experience in this area. I hope that helped answer your questions. Take care.

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