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We are both students at the University of South Carolina’s Master of Science in Speech Pathology program, and we would like to know what SLPs you worked with did to build rapport with you when beginning therapy? And when you had negative experiences with therapists, what did they do that we should not repeat?

Thank you for your insight and time,

Blythe and Hannah

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  1. Hi Blythe and Hannah

    As stuttering was not accepted at home, I wasn’t sent to an SLP, and when I went there myself, I had two SLPs that made me not want to return. (One sexual abuse, the other one mental abuse, telling me my stutter was my fault.) Luckily I met SLPs later on that have become my mentors and personal friends, but I’m in a good place now, so no need for therapy. I also learned so much from other PWS, presentation techniques, speaking circles etc.

    What I hope for SLPs is to not just go by the book, as we’re individuals, with different experiences, cultures and backgrounds. To startr by listening and finding out our stories and why we are in your therapy room. As not all want to be “cured”. Some want information, others want others to get information, some want to feel better about themselves, others want help in certain situations, etc.

    Also, don’t judge us by the amount of stuttering. Some stutter and lot but couldn’t care less, other are covert and stuttering is a major issue. So provide a smörgåsbord with tools and think outside the box. For me what helped a lot is speech training, combined with singing and theatre, NLP and Mindfulness, Presentation techniques and yoga.

    You know therapy, your client know about his/her stutter. So together you’re the perfect team. 😉

    Stay safe and keep them talking.


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