Reducing the Stigma — 1 Comment

  1. Hello! Thank you for asking this question to the professional panel! This is one of my favorite catch phrases in the stuttering community: reduce the stigma. Your question already shows so much empathy and compassion towards the stuttering community, and I particularly love how you said, “what is one way that I CAN HELP.” The best way to help reduce the stigma, is to advocate for people who stutter and educate the world when you know better. 🙂 Remember, educate gently because the world won’t listen to us if we are brash or mean in our efforts. Not everyone is a speech-language pathologist, or has the background information that we do. After all, we didn’t know any different until someone taught us differently, right? So, teach society to be different. That’s what we are all trying to do. It is a big task, yes… but we are doing it one person at a time. And guess what- it is starting to work. Yes, society still doesn’t always get it… but it’s starting to work and HUGE things are happening in the world for people who stutter. We are seeing world collaborations in the stuttering community that are so beautiful, and learning to expect the unimaginable. This is an amazing time to enter this field, and advocate for the best community of people that I know. Welcome. And be a world changer!

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