Research and misinformation

Hello, I am a SLP graduate student in California and I had a question for researchers. With so many sources of information online available, are there particular outlets that you have found to spread misinformation regarding stuttering or stuttering treatment? For practicing clinicians involved in research, are there common resources parents come to you with that may be misleading and how did you approach providing evidence-based education?

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Research and misinformation — 2 Comments

  1. Good question! I always emphasize the outlets that I know will have accurate information. There are numerous websites out there with info on stuttering — far too many to name. I always tell clients, parents, and families about the National Stuttering Association, FRIENDS, and The Stuttering Foundation of America. Among those three, they will find good resources on stuttering. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t other good online resources, but by emphasizing those, I know they won’t be mislead.

    • Agreed, Derek and yes good question! All of these resources as Derek listed above are excellent. I want to also comment on what my colleague Derek said about “they won’t mislead.” This is something you really want to watch for. There is information out there online (like there is information online about everything else in the world) about stuttering that can be very misleading. Always remember what the nature of stuttering is. If the information that you find online goes against what you know about the nature of stuttering- don’t use it. Stick to reliable sources, and all of the above that my colleague Derek has listed for you are absolutely excellent- and some resources are even printable and free. Be well!

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