Self-disclosure statement presentation

Hi everyone! 

I recently read an article that discussed the use of a self-disclosure statement presentation for students who stutter and I feel like this is a great way for a person who stutters to gain more confidence and feel more comfortable with his/her stutter.

For those of you who were enrolled in speech therapy while attending school, did you ever present a self-disclosure statement presentation in front of your classmates? If so, what were you’re thoughts about it?

Looking forward to reading your comments!


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Self-disclosure statement presentation — 1 Comment

  1. I wasn’t enrolled in speech therapy during my school years, but went back to school as an adult, with the goal to deal with my ghosts from the past. I thought I could get away with silently joining classes. But to my surprise I had to present all my subjects in front of the class, even computer classes. So to deal with that, I disclosed. And they not only accepted me, they applauded me, realizing that my effort to present in front of the class what as tough as the paralympics. I gained respect and gained confidence to speak to others on other occasions as well. Disclosing is a part of self-acceptance.

    Sure I stutter. What are you good at?

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