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Hello! My name is Baylee and my questions are, are there levels to stuttering? I also am curious as to if some people with a stutter read with one as well or if it’s just when they verbally speak? Thank you. 

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  1. Baylee,
    Hi! It is very nice to meet you! Thank you for asking questions and taking you education serious. Are you a student in Speech Language Pathology or just interested in Stuttering?

    When you ask “are there levels of stuttering,” do you mean severities? If so, yes, there are different mental and physical severities for each individual from very mild to profound. If you were asking something different about “levels” can you please clarify so we can help you further.

    You asked if people who stutter also stutter when they read. Most do. Stuttering is interesting because it effects each individual in a variety of ways. Some PWS might stuttering in different ways and patterns when they read, while others have increased or decreased fluency when they read. It really is variable.

    Good questions!! Keep asking them!
    With compassion and kindness,

  2. Hi Baylee,
    As Scott says, it’s a little difficult to know what you mean by ‘levels’ of stuttering without a bit more clarification. Please feel free to add some more detail to your question as a comment so our responses can be tailored more helpfully.
    Everyone who stutters is an individual and stuttering can present in a number of different ways. If you read some of the articles by people who stutter you’ll see many people talk about the fact that they can stutter more or less in different situations, with different people, and the impact of stuttering can differ for different people in the same situation. This is what makes stuttering so unique and interesting! In relation to this, some people who stutter will tell you that they stutter less when reading aloud versus speaking freely, while others may say they find reading aloud very challenging and that it can be a situation that leads to more stuttering. There is no simple answer to your question I’m afraid, but hope that information helps.

  3. Good question Baylee, and yes let us know if we can answer it more specifically for you. As Scott and Jenny have said, stuttering is very variable in severity. I have known people who stutter who barely stutter out-loud in a one-on-one situation but may stutter more prominently when reading out-loud to an audience (so it depends on the reading task, specifically.)
    Regarding “levels” perhaps you were talking about severity and as Jenny and Scott were saying, there is mild-profound severity of stuttering. Even within that, however, individuals who stutter will tell you that they stutter more around certain people than others. My brother is a person who stutters, for example, and he will tell you he has days that he feels he barely stutters, while other days he will tell her he stuttered a lot more. I hope that this helps answer your question. Take care!

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