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Hello, my name is Kassandra Estrada. I am a senior at CSUF. Im studying Communicative Disorders. I am currently taking a fluency class. Based on your experience what would be the most effective way to make PWS feel welcome and safe around us while still being professional. 

thank you!

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  1. Dear Kassandra,

    HI! Thanks for writing and asking questions!

    Nice question about how to help a person feel safe and comfortable. Well, let me put it back on you for a moment. How do you like to feel safe when you meet someone new? What are things that you would someone new you meet to do (actions/behaviors) that would help you feel comfortable and safe? What might you ask someone to do for you to help you feel safe/comfortable?

    My guess is the answers you gave are similar to many people and PWS are just like anyone else. They , like you and I, want to be treated with respect, kindness, compassion, and honesty. Like you and I, we all probably prefer to smile than to frown or be upset. So how can you be positive, fun, and connect with anyone. That is probably how you can connect with a PWS too.

    Some say you have to be PWS to help people who stutter. I don’t believe that at all. Some of the best SLPs I know who help PWS are not people who stutter. They are great at helping because they know PWS are people, and all people share suffering/struggle and joy. We can bond over these things. Our own personal stimulus for these are different from person to person, but the process of suffering/struggle and joy are the same.

    Think of values that make you welcoming, warm, fun, kind, and genuine and bring those into the therapy room.

    Does that help?

    Thanks for writing!!!
    With compassion and kindness,