Stammering Awareness in the UK – Stamma

In the UK we think that many people are aware that some people stammer – the problem is that they just don’t see or hear them.  So this year, we want to push for representation.

We want to see people who stutter represented in our media.  We believe that if we can hear more people on the radio and television, we can start to normalise fluent people hearing people stammer (and respond better) and get discussion going around what adjustments might be needed for people across all career paths.   I attach a synopsis of how we will be pushing for this.

Diversity is a buzzword right now, and companies don’t want to have their diversity policies challenged.  So now is a good time, as Kirsten said here, to weaponise the term.  And insist that diversity must include people who stammer 😊 .  So the question is, HOW are they doing that?  We want to push all companies, especially those in the media, to explain how they include people who stammer in their workforce, as part of their audience, as clients etc.


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