Hi there! I’m a SLP student at the University of Akron in Ohio, and I was wondering what one of the biggest accomplishments or moments someone with a stutter has. I’m curious as to what that might be.

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  1. Last week,

    I coached 30 people who stutter and selected 6 to speak in front of 400 people during Corona Time, and infront of a lot of VIPS (minister of disability, unicorn entrepreneur who stutters). I was in charge of the opening speech, I lost my speech, I improvise and everybody was impressed by my joke and my ease!!

    I am also so proud to show that everybody who stutters can become a great communicator with the right tools

  2. Addressing the European Parliament. We who asked for speaking time all got three (!) minutes, but told them that was not ok, as I stutter, and need more time to be able to say as much as other people. And for 4 min. 🙂

    Stay safe and keep them talking

    Anita Blom

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