Stuttering and AAC

Hello Experts,

Has there been any research conducted on using Augmented Alternative Communication (AAC) with people who stutter?


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Stuttering and AAC — 2 Comments

  1. Renee,

    I am not aware of any AAC devices that have been widely suggested for people who stutter since, if I am correctly informed, they are most likely used for people who cannot speak. That said, I know one stutterer who, when she was extremely severe, used a note pad to communicate. I also helped a gentleman many years ago create a tape (now it would be a digital recording) that he could play into his phone in case he needed to call the police or fire department right away. He was quite fluent generally, but when he was frightened or very much on edge, he would block uncontrollably.

    And though not regarded as typical AAC devices, one could construe the SpeechEasy (with both delayed and frequency altered feedback) as “augmented” communication.

    Maybe some other experts know a whole lot more about this area than I do.

    Ken St. Louis