Stuttering and COVID-19?

Hi everyone! My friend Eileen and I are aspiring SLPs, and we wanted to know how are PWS doing in this odd/unsettling time? This pandemic has certainly caused a lot of social challenges, and precautions have taken place for about 7 months now. We wanted to know if you have come across any new or unexpected challenges regarding stuttering during this time? If so, what are some things we, as SLPs, can do to help PWS during COVID-19? Thanks for your time! Stay safe! -Pam

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Stuttering and COVID-19? — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Pam and Eileen

    Yes, covid-19 has given us challenges. Using a mask masked it harder to hear what people say and having to repeat a sentence usually leads to more stuttering. We also tend to focus on people’s reactions towards our stutter, so to not see that can increase communication problems. In school kids can hide facial expressions, speak to the teacher by itself, and speak in a lower voice. Zoom and similar video chats show both your voice/stutter and your facial expressions, filling everyone’s screen, which might be really intimidating. Same goes for work.

    Of course, giving the PWS tools to get a smoother speech, and increase self confidence so they speak no matter what, are important tools. But also to provide information, to the PWS, their teachers and classmates, so that people are aware of what stuttering is about, and that they simply wait and focus on what’s been said, not how it’s been said.

    stay safe and keep talking


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