We would like to introduce the stuttering community to a campaign that is at an advanced planning stage to promote Stuttering Awareness and Mental Wellbeing Awareness in Ireland and Internationally which will commence on Wednesday the 15th of September 2021, the campaign will finish on the 17th of November. The seed vision for the campaign began with the election of American President Mr Joe Biden in October 2020. The overall vision behind the campaign is to promote Stuttering Awareness and Mental Wellbeing issues which for some are associated with the challenges of Stuttering.

“SPEAK THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE” The following are the main objectives of the campaign,
1. To promote Stuttering Awareness and Mental Wellbeing not only in Ireland but also with the International Stuttering Community both the Self-Help and Professional Academic Communities.
2. To provide a platform for people who are challenged by Stuttering to connect and express.
3. To connect people who Stutter through the various social media organisations and platforms which are available.
4. To provide information, to run social media workshops dealing with a variety of issues that will connect people and support them regarding the isolation which for some is so challenging.
5. To connect with all of the International Stuttering Organisations to contribute information and support so they too can support and inspire others.
6. To build a solid base in Ireland to influence an invitation to the American President Mr Joe Biden to give us a few moments of his time when and if he visits Ireland during his Presidency.
7. To bring together the Self-Help and Professional Speech Community to work more closely regarding and providing a more cohesive support network for people who are challenged by stuttering.
8. To advocate, politically, educationally, and socially for better services for the Irish Stuttering Community, to share our objectives and bring them to the attention of the world stuttering audience through our contributions to the “International Stuttering Awareness Day” on the 22nd of October 2021, the International Stuttering Conference ” in Liverpool in August 2022.
There will also be a significant local radio and Television campaign which will be one of the many influencers which will help promote and bring the eight objectives together.

Who is promoting and organising this “Stuttering Awareness and Mental Wellbeing Campaign” We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as people who “SPEAK THE CHANGES WE WISH TO SEE”

Mr Jamie Googan. Profile:
Jamie is from Clonakilty, Co Cork, Ireland.
Jamie started to stutter in early childhood, he is a former National Champion in Tae Kwon Do and a proud member of the Irish Stuttering Community.
Having struggled with the challenges of Stuttering for almost twenty years, Jamie reached out and asked for help.
Speaking powerfully now, Jamie has transformed himself and actively advocates for Stuttering and Mental Well-being Awareness.
During his time working at Munster Technological University, Jamie set up the first mental health initiative for twenty-two Secondary Schools in the Cork Community.
Jamie is the author of “Access The Students Voice” and is often featured on Radio and TV promoting Stuttering Awareness and Mental Wellbeing issues.

Mr Michael O Shea. Profile:
Born in 1955. Married to Monica, two adult sons, Gary and Alan, seven grandchildren. Lives in Co.Kilkenny, Ireland.
Michael is a person who is challenged by stuttering since the age of four.
Completed various forms of speech therapy in Ireland and abroad. Focused on self-help and mentorship in his adulthood.
Mentor and advocate for people who Stutter Nationally and Internationally for many years and is a recognised keynote speaker at International Conferences having spoken on four Continents on the subject.
Co-founder of the Irish National Stuttering Awareness Day which he co-organised from 2007/2016 which is now being run and organised by the Irish Stammering Association which Michael is a member and former board member.
Author of “Why I Called My Sister Harry” which has opened up a wide range of opportunities for Michael to connect with and learn from Stuttering Communities Worldwide.
“Let’s Talk About Stuttering” are workshops that Michael runs for the Stuttering and Professional Speech Community which offer a platform to connect and share ideas and supports in the Irish community and Internationally
Advocates for Stuttering Awareness Nationally and Internationally through his involvement and connection with International Organisations to bring more understanding of the internal dialogue challenges of stuttering.

Mr Michael Ryan. Profile:
Married to Fran, two boys Shane and Edward. Lives in Co Tipperary, Ireland.
Michael is a person who stutters who has experienced all the emotions of fear, isolation, loneliness, lack of confidence etc.
Experienced different forms of Speech Therapy and supports from the self-help Speech Community.
Mentor and advocate for the Stuttering Community and social issues for many years with vast experience in radio, tv, and media.
Member and former Chairperson and board member of the Irish Stammering Association, during his term of office, made representations to the Irish President Mr Michael D. Higgins, Irish Government Ministers, Mr Joe Biden then-Vice President of the United States of America who is himself a person who is challenged by Stuttering and of course who is now President of the United States of America.
Former Town Councillor and former Mayor of Templemore.

As you have observed from the profiles we bring experience, knowledge, connectivity, proven skillsets, commitment and proven ability to do the heavy lifting which is required to bring this project forward to its fruition. We would value greatly your support in any way to help us reach out and connect with the stuttering community locally, nationally, and internationally.

If you require any further information, or if you have a desire to help and support us, please do not hesitate to make contact with us and we will bring you up to date on where we are at present and how your valued support will help achieve the eight objectives.
“People Who Stutter, Supporting Each other, We All Have A Voice”

Sincerely yours,

Jamie Googan. +353 86 3483529.
Michael O Shea. +353 87 2504611.
Michael Ryan. +353 86 0782306.

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  1. This is amazing and thank you for sharing your plan with us. Excellent demonstration of ‘thinking BIG’. Great things are coming out of Ireland!

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