Stuttering in relation to kids

Hi!! I am currently an undergrad SLP student studying at the University of Akron and I wanted to ask what kinds of things a child who stutters would want to hear in order to grow up seeing their stutter in a different light? Would there be certain affirmations or things an SLP could say that would make a big difference? Thank you so much!

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Stuttering in relation to kids — 1 Comment

  1. Great question! Here are some of my favorites: It is okay to stutter, you are not alone, and keep talking no matter what. Children who stutter need to see other children who stutter, and be reinforced for communication (as opposed to fluency). I show my clients “Stuttering: For Kids by Kids” — it’s a DVD produced by the Stuttering Foundation of America. I also link them to self-help groups when I can (FRIENDS is a good organization). Children are still developing their social identities, so the more we can reinforce them with positive affirmations, the better they will see themselves.

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