Stuttering in the Media

Hi! We are SLP graduate students at the University of South Carolina, and we are interested in hearing about your experiences with stuttering in the media. Are there any representations that you have found positive/encouraging as a PWS? Are there are any books, podcasts, etc. involving stuttering that you would recommend to another PWS?


Casey & Molly

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  1. Hi Casey & Molly

    To me the greatest books and podcasts are made by PWS. F ex books and pods from, ,, etc.

    Unfortunately the media isn’t helping us. There are many movies portraying PWS in a negative way, making it seemingly ok to mock. F ex A fish called Wanda, the teacher in Harry Potter, etc. Movies like The King’s Speech make all the difference. Documentaries where PWS go through a weekend course and suddenly “stop stuttering” aren’t realistic and not helping either. What I’d like to see more of is movies, TV shows and other media where we simply ARE. It’s not about ut, just with us, as being a part of society.

    Stay safe and keep them talking


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