Hello! my questions I have for you is did stuttering affect your ability to make friends growing up? Also, if you were in speech therapy, how helpful was it for you? Thank you. -Baylee G

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  1. In the beginning yes. When I was 15, I stopped hidding myself and I found a group of guys who accepted my stutter. They integrated me in their band for parties, lunch and all these things

  2. Hi Baylee, when I was a child I did not stutter with people my own age. I mainly stuttered reading in class, with my father and with school teachers. As I grew older that changed to strangers and people I perceived as more in authority and more mature than me. I did take speech therapy in my early 20’s and that changed everything but I relapsed and all my same fear of exposing my stutter resurfaced. I joined a stuttering support group and I have been in that for over 40 years. Most of my closest friends are people I have met in that support group and am still friends with. Our biggest issue is what we tell ourself. Thoughts like, if I stutter people wont like me, people wont want to talk to me etc. All thoughts are not true but we believe them to be true. The mission of the person who stutters is to challenge those thoughts and learn to change them. Joining a support group for people who stutter can help immensely with that process. You might also find a lot of the post on my Stuttering Jack blog to also be very helpful. Also look at maybe trying some Emotional Freedom Technique. I have found that very helpful in taking the emotion out of my fears and phobias about my experience of stuttering. John S

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