Teaching Self-Advocacy for young PWS

Hi! I’m a 2nd year graduate student studying Speech-Language Pathology. In a fluency class that I am currently taking, we’ve covered the importance of not only advocating for our clients who stutter, but also helping PWS to learn how to advocate for themselves. Could you share what self-advocacy looked like for you and how you learned to advocate for yourself in normal day-to-day activities and interactions particularly at a young age? I know self-advocacy/learning how to self-advocate can a lot different at a young age when compared to older ages. I would love any bits of advice to support PWS in this area! 

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Teaching Self-Advocacy for young PWS — 1 Comment

  1. This is a excellent question I think, because I am older and the support for parents and families in my situation just wasnt there.Self advocacy for me was never there untill I was an adult. I just thought as a child I had a bossy tongue in my mouth which I have written a poem about if it is any help to you I can send it to you if you are allowed to pm me I not sure of the rule on here. When I was an adult and I was finally able to look at following my dream to be an early childhood teacher it was a group of friends who gave me support and encouraged me and I was able to build up my self esteem .you are right too self advocacy in my day as I said it just wasn’t possable in my situation and I sure I never learnt i just thoguth this was my world .As an adult also even though I was able to acheive my dream with the support of friends and colleagues, I found finding these face book pages and the people in them really helped me. I hope this comment helped answer your question feel free to ask any more questions if you want too.. once again I was really impressed with your question.Kind regards Phyllis.

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