Hello my name is Kassandra Estrada, I am a senior studying communicative disorders at Cal State Fullerton. Stuttering is part of diversity but what are some techniques that people who don’t stutter can do to makes PWS feel more confident about their speech? What should we do when PWS are communicating with us? And what shouldn’t we do? 

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  1. Hi Kassandra and thank you for your question.

    I feel the most accepted if the person I’m talking to is respectful and honest. A person who doesn’t interrupt, doesn’t fill in my words, doesn’t look away, and doesn’t come with “helpful” comments (there are not helpful). And with honest I mean if s/he wonders about something, that s/he asks. If s/he doesn’t have time to listen, to be honest and tell me. In short, a person who is a friend. 🙂

    The techniques that helped me are 1. selfesteem. The better I feel about myself, the better I speak. Fluency is one thing, but if I don’t love and accept myself, I’m building a tower in the swamp, and risk to fall so hard, it can make me silent, or be afraid of every word, as fluency might become the only “right” thing. 2. public speaking. Good speakers use body language, voice, pausing, etc. By studying speakers I like to watch and listen to, and learning from them, my speech has increased. It is, and will always be a roller coaster, but I can use the techniques when I feel I need to use them. And the acceptance to feel ok when I decide to not use techniques and just stutter on. I also feel good by relaxation techniques. ANd of course peers who cheer for me on good days and who pull me up when I’m not feeling good.

    Keep talking and happy ISAD