The answer for stuttering

Today a person post in our Facebook stuttering group. That he has the solution to stuttering. He claim that all the speech therapist are wrong and he and only he know the answer to stuttering.

What do you think about it?


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The answer for stuttering — 12 Comments

  1. When I see something like that, I tell the person “Let the buyer beware!” There is a section of a lot of people that guarantee a “cure” for stuttering, like this person is apparently doing. I wonder if that person is on my list. You can see it at If you find links that are no longer working, type the URL into the Wayback machine ( and you may be able to find it. I know I have to fix links to the British Stammering Association, which redid their entire website recently, but the old page can usually be found using the WayBack machine.

    Judy Kuster

    Judy Kuster.

  2. If a program sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
    Beware of any program or intervention that claims to be appropriate for every person who stutters or a program that ‘guarantees a ‘cure’ for stuttering. Such a statement is also unethical.
    Joseph Agius

  3. Your FB friend might like reading our little article here on the Web of Claims, pointing out some of the false promises people make on-line….. Pat Roberts

  4. The rule of thumb is that if there are no Phase I, Phase II or Phase III clinical trials of a treatment then it would be unusual for a speech-language pathologist to want to do them with a client.

  5. Such claims are common, as Pat Roberts pointed out (and not just from people who stutter, but also from some therapists). One issue that comes to my mind when I hear about these claims is the simple caveat that one size does not fit all. Stuttering is just too variable. It’s wonderful if this individual has found something that works for him, but that doesn’t mean that it will work for others. Pronouncements that everyone should do any one particular thing (even if that thing is supported by research) are likely to fail for some. The research is our guide, but the individual application is where the clinical process comes in to play.

  6. Joseph wrote the exact words that I would have written. But if we can all stand a little levity amidst this important and serious online conference, I have the cure for stuttering that can be instituted in two seconds….”Stop talking.”

    Ken St. Louis

  7. I think what the research does support is that different treatment techniques work for different people who stutter, so I would beware of anyone who says there is one answer for everyone.

  8. Ari,

    HI! The first question I would like to ask is, “What is the answer?” If the answer is valued, I would encourage your friend to contact any one of use here, and or, write a message here on “ask the expert.” We would love to hear what he has to say, as this is an open forum and we welcome all questions and input. Also, if he has the answer, as person who stutters, I would love to hear what it is! Perhaps he could be on the front lines of a new treatment that could help millions. But, first (like Mark said) it should probably be tested to make sure it is helpful to others, and not just to him.

    Now on a different note, I have also heard of a “solution” for stuttering . That solution is SILENCE. That way the speech behavior doesn’t exist…However, silence has a cost because the cognitive and affective aspects of stuttering would most likely continue. So in short, as I have heard of this solution (silence), and tried it myself, I wouldn’t recommend it. It can generate side effects that could be harmful. Not to mention, we are social beings, so not talking or communicating is not in our nature.

    Great post! Again, I encourage your friend to post here! We’d love to hear what his solution is. Conversations are the building blocks of inspiration.

    With compassion and kindness,

  9. Ari,

    Thank you so much for the link. I would recommend that your friend contact a researcher, or do research on their method of treatment to create evidence that it works on a variety of people. From the website, it doesn’t explain what they do, which some people might see as sketchy. Instead of explaining his treatment, I read testimonials, which I understand is the way of marketing any product, and, if your friend wants to have voice in the stuttering community at large, he might want to do Phase trials to get science to support his practice.

    These are just thoughts.


  10. Given his background in theatre, I wonder if he is using one of the well-known tricks to temporarily stop stuttering. People have known for centuries that when they play a role (as in acting on stage) many PWS do not stutter. His web site promises a cure “for all” with a method that is not explained from someone with no training (that is mentioned) in a relevant field. Three features that should make readers very cautious.

    As others have said, “show us the data” !

  11. Thanks all for your very significant comments.
    Scott, he is not my friend, probably now (after I criticized him) he (and others
    From the stuttering community that I ruined their hope) don’t like me very much,but this is OK,my goal is the truth ,and not to be liked.