The Impact of Speech Therapy

Hello. My name is Tiffanie Radwanski. I am a 1st year college student who intends to become a Speech-Language Pathologist one day. I have a question for you as a PWS. What is one of the greatest takeaways from speech therapy that you feel will help you through your entire life? Thanks so much!

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The Impact of Speech Therapy — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Tiffanie and thanks for your question.

    Meeting an SLP who I feel GETS it, who listens, who creates a safe environment, and who is willing to think out of the box and find a toolbox with different approaches that might fit me, make me happy. I know an SLP can’t know it all, but don’t hesitate to ask me questions, as I might have information that could be of use. And also to ask others, include other therapists. As I might need a mix of help. Speech training, relaxation exercises, Mindfulness / NLP / CBT, and maybe even singing, art or other ways to express myself. The more an SLP sees the whole me, the more solid ground I get to build up not only my speech, but also my self esteem, so that fluency is not my only goal and lifeline, but that I once again love to talk.

    Happy ISAD and keep them talking.