LOGOLab – Dialogue without barriers 

For the occasion of the ISAD, two workshops will be organized at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. An online seminar is also planned. The first workshop entitled Dialogue without barriers in contact with children who stutter will take place on Friday, October 22nd. The meeting is addressed to those who are interested in stuttering, especially representatives of the environment of the people who stutter, including parents of children who stutter. Speech-language therapists and SLT students have also been invited. Participants will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the intellectual outputs of the LOGOLab grant ( The aim of this grant is to improve the quality of stuttering intervention in Poland. It is being implemented by the following partner institutions: the University of Silesia in Katowice, the Agere Aude Foundation of Knowledge and Social Dialogue, and the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø. Attendees will have exclusive access to the new documentary movie entitled:  Dialogue without barriers when interacting with children who stutter. During the event, Dr. Hilda Sønsterud from Norway will present a lecture: Supporting children who stutter in communication. Moreover, a discussion panel with representatives of the Polish self-help movement for PWS and fluency experts will also take place. 

On Saturday, October 23rd, the workshop entitled LOGOLab – effective logopaedic intervention in stuttering will take place. This event is addressed to SLTs, SLT students, and other professionals, as well as leaders of self-help movements. Participants will listen to, among others, lectures given by Dr. Hilda Sønsterud from Norway (The Multidimensional Individualized Stuttering Therapy – MIST) and Dr. Erik Raj from the USA (Summer camp experiences for young people who stutter). 


Online screening of the movie When I Stutter 

During the ISAD 2021 –  on October 21st, the documentary When I Stutter (directed by John Gomez) will be broadcast. A discussion panel on this year’s ISAD slogan, Speak the change you wish to see is also planned for this meeting. This will be an online event organized by the leaders of the Polish virtual self-help group (Wirtualny Klub J) Izabela Michta and Sławomir Wiejas. 

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