The Lidcombe Program

Hello, I am a graduate student studying speech-language pathology and have been recently researching the Lidcombe Program. Researchers Barbara Miller and Barry Guitar conducted a study looking at long-term effectiveness of the Lidcombe Program for early stuttering intervention. The study looked at the first 15 preschool children who were administered the Lidcombe Program. Thirteen out of the fifteen participants were right-handed and some research suggests those who are right-handed are more likely to naturally recover from stuttering (than those who are left-handed). What is your opinion on the possible correlation between handedness and natural recovery of stuttering?

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The Lidcombe Program — 1 Comment

  1. I can’t think of a theoretical reason to support that idea, and there are no data to suggest that it might be true. So, I would say that there would be no reason to suspect such an association.