Throwback Thursdays

Attending Stuttering Successful Management Program (SSMP) was valuable.

It was a time when I felt positive about the emotions I had linked to my stuttering and felt ready to meet peers where together we could co-exist.  SSMP taught me specific verbal skills while giving me the push to use volunteer stuttering daily.  However it was the friendships I made that really fueled my will.  In particular, Jason, Demitrios and Bret were key in my social circle – each at their own place in their journey and full of fire.  I remember feeling connected with their stories framed by their own perspectives.  SSMP taught me that beauty is more than stuttering, it’s the realm of energy we, those in the VIP club of stuttering, co-create.

If you connect with this story- what impacted you?

Liz Mendez

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Throwback Thursdays — 5 Comments

  1. Liz, I am so grateful that we walk this journey together. It was great spending a few days with you at the SSMP at Eastern Washington University. The friendships I have made from the SSMP have been life long.


    • Thank you Nora. I remember when you visited and how powerful it felt to hear your message, while stuttering beautifully and confidently. It still gets me!!

  2. Liz and Nora,

    I have never been to SSMPP. However every time I hear about these wonderful experiences, I consider taking the time to have this beautiful experience.


    Elizabeth Kapstein

  3. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Mendez.

    I, too,have never attended SSMP. When hearing of the program I have been impressed by the close relationships that seem to develop among the particpants of this program.