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My name is Allison Cullinan and I am currently a graduate student at Touro College studying speech-language pathology. As I read the presented articles and papers, I am becoming increasingly interested in the idea of having clients attend support groups. I was wondering if there were any national known support groups that you can recommend, as well as possible online support systems/groups that clients can go to? Some of the population that I will be working with include the elderly and it is difficult for them to make it to actual support groups if they have other significant health issues. Online support groups where they can ask questions through a written message, or even video-chatting options would be extremely beneficial. Please let me know of any recommendations you may have!



Allison Cullinan

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  1. Hi Allison,
    I find the Stuttering Arena on Facebook quite an active discussion group with over 1800 members. I do agree that a support group is very helpful especially with elderly clients. Maybe you can facilitate the founding of such a group in your area 🙂
    Wishing you success in your studies,
    joseph agius