I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on Venkatagiri’s theoretical perspective on the etiology of stuttering and what type of therapy approaches are used in collaboration with this theory.  More specifically I was wondering about speaking a foreign language and if this would fall under his theory.  From my understanding, when you change your automatic motor plan to a non-habitual speaking pattern, this can enhance fluency.  Are there any studies to support this or refute this?  Thanks

Trae Perry

Graduate Student

Idaho State University

Pocatello, ID

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Venkatagiri — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Trae,

    I recommend you take a look at the work of Per Alm, Rosalee Shenker, and John Van Borsel. I’d be glad to give you more specific references offline.


  2. Disclosure: I am a co-author of the most recent edition, but look at ANY edition of the Handbook on Stuttering (Bloodstein) and you will find extensive documentation of this effect.
    kindest regards (and the company is in bankruptcy, so no royalties are involved),
    Nan Bernstein Ratner