Wednesday Words

My word for today’s theme is TRANSFORMATION.

I have heard folks share their suffering about stuttering. I find myself aligning with these folks in that I feel connected to their battles and can identify with the “war stories.”  On the flip side, I have heard folks talk about how their stuttering is a gift. How their stuttering became a catalyst of change during which an internal shift occurred.  Again, I can relate to this experience when I take a step back and examine my life unfolding.  Whether I view these experiences as suffering or as a gift, supportive/mental health/group therapy has been a consonant and therefore the driving force.

How does TRANSFORMATION show up for you?

Liz Mendez

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Wednesday Words — 2 Comments

  1. Liz,
    Powerful word and experience shared Liz. I recall the years that I rarely considered transformation to be part of my world experience. Amazing I look back often to look towards the future and now believe the possibilities that transformation brings.

    Elizabeth Kapstein

  2. To know you is to know the true meaning of this word. I believe that our role in mental health shifts the clients perspectives. I sometimes perceive a “role-model” feeling- and one who stutters fabulously 🙂