Wednesday Words: Today’s word is “Vulnerability”

During my early years working with my psychotherapist we uncovered the negative hold that stuttering had over me. I would walk home feeling empty, scared, and vulnerable in the weakest sense. Now whether I am feeling vulnerable, strong & loving, or vulnerable, weak & scared I imagine the words and throw all of it up in sky, catch it, and just keep going on. 🙂

How do you experience vulnerability?  When you stutter, whose vulnerability do you see? Your vulnerability or your listener’s vulnerability? How do you bring in others to experience their vulnerability with you?


Elizabeth Kapstein

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Wednesday Words: Today’s word is “Vulnerability” — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Elizabeth-
    Thank you this is a great topic. There are many ways that this can apply to stuttering: to take the time I need to speak, rather than rushing through my words, is to feel vulnerable to the person I am speaking to. Another example of vulnerability is to talk about stuttering with people in my life.

    • Jeff,

      Beautiful examples of how vulnerability lives in the day to day. Thank you for that reminder.


  2. Thank you Elizabeth for this beautiful reminder of our being. It’s a coincidence that I’m reading Daring Greatly by Dr. Brown- all about vulnerability. For me, it’s about what you vividly expressed- the sides of this “stuff” and then feeling whole. Just feeling whole 🙂

    • Liz,

      Thank you for you thoughts. I have been looking at this book, you inspire me to move forward with it.