Weekend Wrap-up

How do people change? I have often thought about the change process.

How does someone let go of one identity and create a new self? When you stutter, what is your process to move on the next verbal interactions with peer, professional colleagues, family or partner? What ‘hold’ does stuttering have on you? The theme for today is how do you adjust to your next verbal encounter?

Michael Sugarman

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Weekend Wrap-up — 1 Comment

  1. Michael,

    I am blown away by the concept of “adjust to your next verbal encounter.” How wonderful and freeing are these words. When I hear these words it sounds so much lighter than “talking, speech, communication, and/or communicate.” I am not sure what I will do, but I will hold the idea of adjusting to an encounter just like any other encounter – with a smile and wonder. This concept gives me a different sense of “creating the self” I want to be in my next verbal encounter. 🙂


    Elizabeth Kapstein