What can an SLP do to help PWS?


   My name is Kate Petach, and I am an undergraduate student at California State University, Fullerton. As a future Speech-Language Pathologist, I would like to know: How can Speech-Language Pathologists help their clients to become confident with their stutter and feel pride in their stutter? Are there any specific excercises or affirmations you would recommend to a Speech-Language Pathologist? Thank you for your time.


                          Kate Petach

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What can an SLP do to help PWS? — 1 Comment

  1. Listen, listen, listen. Don’t offer advice on what the person who stutters can use to sound more fluent. Be sure to ask the person what their goals are.

    A PWS needs to know that any listener, including SLPs, will listen patiently and respectfully as they would any other listener.

    If the person who stutters is trying to work towards acceptance, they need to feel that it’s “OK to stutter”. Take their cue as to what they wish to work on, if anything.

    I don’t use techniques – I just want to speak and stutter comfortably.


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