What is your proudest moment with your stutter?

Hello All, We always talk about our struggles with our stutter. However, we all have some winning moment with our stutter.

My proudest moment is when I stood in front 100 students, I was a junior in university. It was to participate to the university debate competition. The first 2 setences were without any stutter. Then I realized I was talking to 100 students that knew me. I panicked, but I continued till the end. It made me realize that I could do anything.

And you, what’s your proudest moment with your stutter? 

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What is your proudest moment with your stutter? — 2 Comments

  1. That’s amazing Mounah! 🙂 Kudos!

    My most proud moment was to ask to address the European Parliament on the International Day of People With Disabilities. I got 3 min. I told them that I wanted more time, as I should have the chance to say what fluent people say, and that takes more time, as I stutter. I got 4 min. 😉

    Stay safe and keep talking


  2. Congratulations Mounah that was a great realisation. Like you my greatest moment have come from facing my fears in speaking situations. Like you I spoke in front of 100 students when I did my stuttering treatment course many years ago. Many other speaking situations have come my way as a result of joining the stuttering self help movement and taking opportunities there to speak. Speak on radio and TV about stuttering. Taking part in debating and public speaking competitions. Going to conferences on stuttering and speaking to a group about my experiences. If you continue like you are and seek out opportunities to speak about your stuttering you will come to see, as your have seen, that stuttering is not a curse but a blessing in your life.

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