What the public could know about PWS

Hello, my name is Camille Cunningham, and I am studying Speech Pathology at the University of Akron. What are somethings that you wish the general public knew about stuttering? Also, what are some techniques or tips that people without a stutter can do to help you? 

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What the public could know about PWS — 1 Comment

  1. I wish the general public could fully understand that stuttering is just a different way of talking. It’s helpful to raise awareness and educate about stuttering, but we don’t do that for fluency, right? If stuttering is just seen as a human variation just like any other one, and that stuttering is part of diversity, then there is really no need to do a general public awareness campaign.

    As for techniques and tips for fluent people to help a person who stutters, I have two thoughts.

    Don’t assume I need help.

    And just listen as you would to anyone else, with patience, respect and eye contact.

    If you modify the way you listen to a stutterer, then you are pointing out that there is a difference and the person may not think that.