What’s Going On In Israel About Stuttering?

Our Association

AMBI, the Israeli Stuttering Association, was established in 1999. The Association’s vision is “A World that Understands Stuttering”. AMBI’s approach to stuttering is very much one of Acceptance as the foundation for being able to help ourselves survive and thrive even while stuttering.

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan focuses on raising awareness about stuttering. This ties directly into the Vision.

In the context of our strategic plan, we have prioritized the following areas:

  • Publicity and Public Relations
  • Education
  • Improving our website

The Publicity activities include:

  • Short movies of PWS, to be published to coincide with ISAD 2019
  • Creation of a set of defining principles, to be used across the Association
  • Translation into Hebrew of the movie When I Stutter
  • Active Facebook page, featuring personal stories and articles
  • Starting to work with a professional PR firm, that can effectively raise awareness about stuttering

The Education activities involve speaking about what stuttering is and what it is not, explaining the experiences of the child and adult who stutters, and teaching key concepts for surviving and thriving with stuttering. Activities include:

  • Speaking to teachers in schools
  • Speaking to teachers in the context of their continued education courses
  • Speaking to student teachers
  • Speaking to school children
  • Speaking to student speech language pathologists/therapists at all the universities
  • Educating parents and families about stuttering, including visiting families at their homes which has proven very effective


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What’s Going On In Israel About Stuttering? — 1 Comment

  1. So happy to read about the activities in Israel. As a pws who didn’t know there were others who stutter until I was 27, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the life changing work you do. I myself speak to students and teachers in school and have been a children and youth camp leader for almost 30 years, and to see children feeling understood and proud is so rewarding! It’s not all about fluency. It’s about getting them to speak their mind. I hope someday to come to Israel and see the fruits of your great work, and maybe play a role in any way.

    Keep (them) talking!

    Keep (them) talking, as the ISAD is every day!