What’s Going On In Japan 日本 For ISAD 2018?

Country: Japan 国名:日本
Association’s name: Japan Stuttering Genyukai Association 団体名:全国言友会連絡協議会
Activity for International Stuttering Awareness Day: Distribution of “Stuttering Awareness Pocket Tissue” 今年のISADでは何をするのか?:「吃音啓発ポケットティッシュ」の配布
Dates and times: September to October, Streets all over Japan and in front of a station いつ、どこで行うのか?:9~10月、日本各地の街頭や駅前
We will distribute “Stuttering Awareness Pocket Tissue” free of charge on streets all over Japan, as last year. (Free distribution of pocket tissue as an advertisement is a unique culture in Japan!) Last year’s ISAD distributed 15,000 pocket tissues across Japan. This year we aim to distribute 20,000 pieces. This year GENYUKAI from all over Japan will work together to work on Awareness activities! 私たちは、昨年に引き続き、「吃音啓発ポケットティッシュ」を日本各地の街頭で無料配布する。(ポケットティッシュを広告として無料配布することは、日本独特の文化である!)昨年のISADでは、日本全国で15,000個のポケットティッシュを配布した。今年は20,000個の配布を目標としている。今年も日本各地の言友会が一丸となって、啓発活動に取り組みたい!

“Stuttering Awareness Pocket Tissue” Design 「吃音啓発ポケットティッシュ」のデザイン

last year’s ISAD (Pocket tissue distributed at Osaka station) 昨年のISADより(大阪駅前でポケットティッシュを配布)
Keisuke Saito:

Starting the stuttering self-help group (GENYUKAI) activities from 2010. I am doing activities to spread GENYUKAI all over Japan. In addition, I am also a member of the “Joint World Congress in JAPAN 2018” held this summer. My belief is “Spread the circle of stuttering all over Japan!” Currently, I am a board director of “Japan Stuttering Genyukai Association”, “Japan Society of Stuttering and Other Fluency Disorders”, “International Stuttering Association”.


2010年より吃音セルフヘルプグループ(言友会)の活動を始める。私は日本全国に言友会を広める活動を行っている。また、今年の夏に開催された「吃音・クラタリング世界合同会議 in JAPAN 2018」の運営メンバーでもある。モットーは「日本全国に吃音の輪を広げよう!」。現在は、全国言友会連絡協議会、日本吃音・流暢性障害学会、ISA、の理事を務める。

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What’s Going On In Japan 日本 For ISAD 2018? — 2 Comments

  1. What a great and unique way to spread awareness of stuttering to the people in your community! I think it is great that you chose to do this in the busy streets of your town. This will help reach more people. Also the fact that you have all ages involved really provide a sense of support and community across the lifespan! It is helpful that at the end of your flyer you posted different awareness activities and resources for individuals who may stutter.

  2. Tissues! What a great idea! And how wonderful to see such young people educating people about stuttering. That’s really promising for the future of your stuttering association. Happy ISAD and keep talking.