When should stuttering become a concern?

Hello my name is Saidee Solano I am a senior studying Communication Sciences and Disorders at CSUF. I have a cousin who has been stuttering since he started speaking. He is now 6 years old, is there a chance that he will grow out of stuttering? I know it is hard to answer without any case history but I just wonder at what point is it just regular disfluency or a speech disorder?

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When should stuttering become a concern? — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Saidee,

    HI! Thanks again for asking questions.

    You are correct, without seeing your cousin and knowing the case history is not ethical for us to make a diagnosis or speaking clinically.

    That being said, I would encourage your family to contact a local SLP who has experience with kids who stutter to do an evaluation. That is the first step.

    Thanks for asking questions!
    With compassion and kindness,

    • Hi again Scott,
      I totally understand! My family is from a small town so I hope they are able to get in contact with someone who is familiar enough with children who stutter. Thank you for the response!

      Kind regards,
      Saidee Solano

  2. Hi Saidee,

    To add to Scott’s response, there are multiple risk factors that we look at in terms of increased risk for the persistence of stuttering, so that is why a comprehensive evaluation is so important!

    Ana Paula

    • Hi Ana
      Thank you for adding to his response, I look forward to learning about the multiple risk factors associated with increased risk for the persistence of stuttering in the future.

      Saidee Solano